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Premium Ad Buying and Selling Made Simple and Direct.

Agencies   Publishers   Media Buyers   Vendors  
Inspired by Fiarm-to-Table
LIQWID facilitates direct relationships among various digital advertising market players, including Advertisers, Publishers, AdTech, and Vendors, through a Social Market approach.
Get tons of premium ad formats instantly, and connect to advertisers directly. Use the same platform for all in-house, direct campaigns, programmatic demand, and market vendors.
Get tons of premium ad formats instantly on any website with no integration required. Unleash your creativity, connect, and buy only viewable ads, allowing for a TV-like reach and frequency.
Build direct relationships with publishers and advertisers with no technical effort required on their side. The plug-and-play approach allows you to include your widgets on any website instantly, with no work needed from the publisher.
Build direct relationships with publishers and advertisers and offer your creative services and tools directly. Enable your creative work for distribution at scale and expand your range of creative formats.
Create direct relationships with publishers and grow your business faster without waiting for publishers to implement your adapter or JS tags. Gain direct, managed control over the viewable-only, IVT-free inventory.
Build direct relationships with publishers and run managed campaigns based on 100% viewability KPI with direct access to premium, IVT-free inventory using tons of ad formats. Pre-verify any existing inventory in real time.
Improve website speed and SEO Ranking.