About Us
We believe that advertising is an integral part of content - regardless of medium. It should be non-invasive, entertaining and fun. If done well, it increases the value of existing content and translates into big sales.

With over thirty years of experience in advertising, Nikolai is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts globally in the realms of rich media content and the creation of innovative advertising models. As the founder of Greatis, one of the largest advertising agencies in post-Soviet Moscow, and the visionary behind the Academy of Graphic Design and the International Biennial "Golden Bee" in 1992, he introduced a rare combination of creative talent, technical expertise, and an innovative entrepreneurial mindset to the market.

Nikolai holds the distinction of being the creator of the world's first Webmercial in 1999 and the inventor of the Rich Media Optimization Technique. This hybrid of creative and technological tricks, developed in 1999, allowed for instant streaming of rich media with no download time, even over slow modems.

His groundbreaking developments have facilitated the adaptation of certain products for other mediums such as television and print, with the ability to be instantly updated online. Notably, the Integral Spot, introduced in 2001, enabled the updating of pricing in commercials using an online database, instantly updating creative for online ads, print, and TV broadcast quality.

Nikolai has received numerous international awards, recognizing him as one of the most creative web designers globally and acknowledging his contributions to technology and innovation. His accolades include the World Best Website award in 1999, the UTAH Innovation Award in 2011, and a nomination for the Edison Awards in 2012. He has also been elected as a member of the panel of judges for the International Web Page Award, New York Festival, and The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards by the Web Marketing Association (WMA).

Notably, Nikolai is the inventor of FSDC (2001), a client-side reporting technology that ignited the concept of viewability. In 2009, eight years later, he introduced the first Viewable Impression metric technology, achieving audit and accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and earning acclaim as the Father of Viewable Impression.

, Chairman and President

With twenty-five years experience in financial services and technology, Jim has founded and operated several successful organizations including EncripTix, a Paul Allen-backed technology startup, and ARCUS Financial Services, which arose from a technology-based incubation effort to diversify a Fortune 50 company. Jim was a key, senior executive at SunAmerica, where he oversaw its operations and technology organizations as well as the company's M&A efforts. SunAmerica experienced tremendous growth with its market capitalization increasing from $300 million to nearly $16.5 billion with the sale to AIG in just fewer than 8 years.
What we've done

LIQWID® Adaptive advertising format and Viewable Advertising Library for a complete automation of advertising inventory technology were developed by LeftsnRights to bring Internet advertising back to its basic principle. By blending the best of traditional advertising methods with new Internet technologies, we provide products and services that redefine the interactive digital advertising experience. In line with this vision, we introduced a series of products built based on our proprietary LIQWID Ad Technology® between 2010 and 2018.

Today, LIQWID provides an array of patented, technological solutions enabling digital publishers for incremental high-value revenue, without the use of traditional [Google's DFP] ad slots, by monetizing space that is below the fold, otherwise empty or outside the content easily and effectively without no technical expertise required.

The LIQWID Automated Advertising Inventory patented technology enables market to sell, buy, and run [managed] only viewable ads. LIQWID's all-in-one tag advertising engine inserts display, skins, video, and adaptive ads into the viewport of the viewers' browser on the fly programmatically, creating new, premium inventory for guaranteed and non-guaranteed programmatic and direct [manual] buys.

LIQWID's Demand Manager Solution provides unique and practical tools for analysis and implementation of effective pricing strategy and multiple revenue source optimization, designed to maximize the revenue potential for publishers while providing more reliable and scalable [fold-less] capabilities.