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Viewability Campaigns
Run Campaigns based on 100% Viewability KPI. We can provide a Campaign Proposal for any target budget, rate and flight. We don't have a minimum overall.
Programmatic is great but there are other agencies' and brands' needs that can be addressed only via traditional campaign management processes. This is becoming especially critical when it comes to original or custom creative units and implementations that cannot be delivered via common programmatic pipelines.

Thanks to LIQWID slot-less technology that allows for very original and sophisticated creative implementations to be delivered without touching the code of the websites. This also allows delivering a custom creative across websites with entirely different layouts on an unlimited scale without requiring coordination of each of them on the technical side. Agencies can be very creative and design custom campaigns with very specific audience and delivery requirements.

The process of campaigns design and implementation uses a traditional RFP (Request for Proposal) and IO (Insertion Order) based flow. LIQWID enabled publishers are technically ready to run any such creative campaign at any time without any technical involvement required — just approve the ad, schedule and price. Such campaigns that are based on premium viewability KPIs may also include standard IAB size ads.

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