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Cookie Consent Tool
Compliance with the EU cookie law is integrated within the LIQWID All-In-One-Tag The Digital Advertising Operating System.
As a part of the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, LIQWID is a registered vendor (#421) and listed on the Global Vendor List and is also registered and listed (CMP #124) on the CMP List.

Compliance with the EU cookie law has been integrated within the LIQWID all-in-one tag solution, enabling publishers for both EEA inventory control (management and/or blocking) and Cookie Consent hookup with international demand partners. All publishers running our LIQWID all-in-one tag are automatically enabled, and at any time, can insert a customized Cookie Consent solution that is integrated with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, without any third-party geo-services needed.

LIQWID CMP can be implemented for any level of compliance without adding any code to the existing website. Because the solution is already integrated within the LIQWID VAL (Viewable Advertising Library) delivery architecture, the publisher does not need to implement anything else in terms of programmatic or direct advertising programs. With the LIQWID CMP, the impression opportunities are being presented for bidding only based on the relevant consent status of the EEA user.

Many publishers already have a cookie consent implemented in house, but it may not be integrated with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework yet. All major demand players on the market are using global consent signals available via IAB Europe registered CMPs. LIQWID CMP allows publishers to insert a consent module that is already integrated with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework into an already existing publisher consent implementation, without requiring any changes or programming on the publisher side. Alternatively, LIQWID CMP can be used as a complete stand-alone solution.

For publishers using LIQWID Funnel programmatic program, LIQWID CMP is included and can be customized based on the publisher design and interactive requirements.

The LIQWID Consent Solution can be configured to insert:

Most importantly, this approach allows us to integrate with different market players and demand partners to pass all instances of the global consent status in a managed way without bothering the publishers on the technical side.

Once configured, the LIQWID Consent can be easily targeted to

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