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Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, thoughts, or any creative ideas. While we have a great reputation for prompt response, you can always call for more immediate gratification, 1-800-870-5006.

To start with LIQWID is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Submit your domain(s) for approval

Please fill out the Request for Registration Invite form below. Our team will categorize your website based on the industry category standards used for programmatic trading and will send you the Registration Invite link. Typically, this process takes about 24-48 hours.

2) Include LIQWID Tag in your webpages

Once you register, you will be redirected to the Get Tag screen with your account LIQWID Tag. LIQWID is based on a universal all-in-one tag placed in the code of your webpages, preferably at the end of the HTML document, anywhere before the </BODY> closing tag. This one tag enables for all domains under your account and manages all ad delivery and reporting for any type of units and media formats — Display, Video, Rich Media, Skins, Interstitials and Native. By default, the tag does not activate any ads until we set and approve with you the Viewability Ad Units.

3) Approve Viewable Ad Units

Let us know when the tag is included in the pages, and our account manager will set a variety of Ad Units and Viewable Inventory options for your consideration and will send you the hidden preview links.
Based on your approval of Units, we'll connect Primebid and put them live. You will have a complete control of the Viewable Inventory and can manage Units, Demand and Campaigns yourself at any time.

To activate live programmatic ads, you need to add the ads.txt file in the root directory of your website (so it can be accessed at If you already have Adx.txt file saved in your root directory, then just add our record block provided in the Registration Invite message into your existing file.
You can read more about Ads.txt file implementation and industry requirements here:
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