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L E F T S N R I G H T S ®
making something from nothing ®
Ad Manager & Server
providing viewable-only inventory for programmatic and direct sales.
LIQWID is an award-winning monetization solution for digital publishers entirely based on Viewable-only inventory for Display, Video, Skins/Wallpaper, Rich Media and Native formats inserted on the fly into the viewport of the user's browsers on desktops and mobile devices. This allows the targeting and monetizing of any specific part of the content when it is located or scrolled in view.

LIQWID Ad Manager includes an array of technological solutions and functionalities of the Ad Manager/Server and Campaign/Revenue Manager that allows the monetization of any website quickly and easily without modifying the code of the webpages, ever.

Powered by our patented Viewable Advertising technology, the LIQWID Ad Manager enables digital publishers for the complete automation of advertising inventory, ultimately maximizing the viewable impression opportunities created and managed on the viewer's screen programmatically (that cannot be achieved with the legacy architecture based on the ad slots manually predefined in the markup.) With LIQWID, all impressions are created equal — the Fold is no more.

LIQWID Ad Manager can be used as a primary ad platform or as a supplement to the existing publisher ad platform (for example DFP) providing an additional and entirely incremental revenue stream based on viewable-only ads.

LIQWID increases the revenue potential from direct sales and programmatic by optimizing multiple revenue sources through our LIQWID Demand Manager solution, while significantly increasing the publishers overall viewability rating. Publishers have the flexibility to use our Primebid as a primary revenue source or use their existing relationships via demand tags or integrated via Prebid.

Publishers are enabled to sell direct display, skins and video campaigns based on 100% viewability KPI verified by MRC accredited vendors.

Comparison to traditional ad server architecture
The traditional approach is based on a process flow whereby the ad slot is manually predefined in the code/markup of the webpage first and then filled with the ad when the page is loaded. With the LIWQID VAL (Viewable Advertising Library) process, the ad slot exists in a form of a "virtual board", where the logic and configuration are saved within the ad Placement parameters rather than on the publisher's page. The ad manages its position and appearance by creating its custom markup and then is rendered only based on required conditions.
Key Differentiation Features
Monetization of the website quickly and efficiently without modifying the code of the webpages
One Tag, all Ad Formats — Skins & Wallpapers, Sticky Base & Lead, Interstitials/Webmercials, Adaptive & Rich Media creative, Sponsored setups, Self-cloning in-rails and In-listing placements on mobile and desktops delivering Display, Video, Rich Media and Native, all based on managed viewability.
Viewable-only Ad Units targeted to specific locations on the webpage on a managed way without ad slots defined in the code of the webpages
Self-Cloning Ad Units based on the programmatically determined and verified in real time viewable opportunities based on each individual user's interactions/scroll
Monetization of the below-the-fold content based on above-the-fold (viewable-only) ads automatically positioned on a managed way within the content layout
Monetization of sophisticated content designs without any programming involved — infinite-scrolling pages, responsive cross-device layouts, and dynamic AJAX content, all based on viewable-only ads.
Direct Campaign sales and delivery based on managed high-viewability KPI (100% viewable-only ads)
Adaptive Ad Format (Skins/Wallpapers based on 100% viewable-only ads)
Inventory Makeup Visualization for Programmatic and Direct Sales based on ad unit location [on the user's screen]
Primebid — programmatic auction for only 100% Viewable Ad Opportunities determined on the viewer's screen based on the user's engagement, pre-verified and presented for bidding in real time
Viewable-only Inventory forecast, delivery and pace management based on Reach & Frequency
Key Publisher Benefits
Automated inventory approach that maximizes the opportunities while ensuring that no more than one or two ads are located on the screen at any time. Placements can pass events to each other, providing a managed way to maximize the revenue potential without any disruption to the viewer's experience.
Monetize "below-the-fold" content using "above-the-fold" ads.
Monetization of the infinite scrolling, lazy-scrolling pages and responsive cross-devices layouts as well as complex creative and dynamic layouts based on 100% Viewable Self-Cloning Ad Units.
Complete Automation of inventory — never touch the code of your webpages.
Manage all your inventory using the point-and-click dashboard instead of being manually hardcoded in the code of the webpages. This approach allows for the guarantee to both sides of the market that only viewable ad opportunities are presented for programmatic trading and direct sales.
Monetize unused space on the webpage efficiently.
Long-time, in-view ads inserted within the available viewable dimensions or in the right/left rail and clone based on a specified time in view. Incremental viewable inventory allowing for custom Sponsored-type, direct sales packages based on 100% viewability KPI.
Enable your properties with super-premium offerings with ease.
Magazine-like, Rich Media interstitials, skins and in-article placements with Video or HTML5 interactive animation. Our LIQWID Adaptive Skins fit the available viewable space providing a complete ad experience, always.
Create cutting-edge inventory with no programming involved.
No coding or time-consuming set up — a campaign with a variety of LIQWID Ad Units and creative formats can be set in minutes with the point-n-click dashboard, and you never touch the code of your website.
Benefit from the High-Viewability, Premium Programmatic options.
Set Viewability Deals with your programmatic demand partners or participate in our partner's high-viewability PMPs via our Primebid.
Compliance with the EU cookie law, LIQWID Cookie Consent, is integrated within the LIQWID all-in-one-tag solution.