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Adaptive Skins
Any creative can be made to "liqwify" into our Adaptive ad and embed all kinds of interactive media, including video, social media, games and e-commerce, to enable creative and effective messaging for branding.
LIQWID Adaptive Ads/Skins instantly reconfigure and scale when delivered to fit within the unused space on the viewer's screen outside of the content page. It is more than just making ad creative bigger or smaller — the adaptive matrix repositions and scales each individual message and graphic element in a managed way to provide a complete ad experience regardless of the available viewable dimensions. With a minimum size criteria set for the placements, it guarantees that only 100% viewable ads are being delivered.

Our award winning digital studio works with creative agencies to implement creative. Publishers can sell direct and use our LIQWID Monetization Platform (LMP)) to manage and deliver campaigns or join our LIQWID Broadcasting Club (LBC)) and accept the RFPs from agencies. Because the implementation of the LIQWID Adaptive Skins does not require any changes in the website and takes just a minute to add the tag, publishers can join LBC without any prior technical implementation required.

#1. LIQWID Adaptive Skins

When the LIQWID Adaptive ad format is used for Skins, the creative is never cropped and 100% of the ad message is in view on every impression reported. Agencies and advertisers are provided large, creative palettes, for highly impactful, dynamic ad creative and messaging, with ads that always fit perfectly, regardless of the ad dimensions, making it a perfect option for direct sales. Not only you can get rid of white space for good, but also you can actually transform it to the most valuable advertising real estate and make it work for you.

Direct Sales   Programmatic

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#2. 100% Viewability Wallpaper

With LIQWID, even Wallpaper ads can be delivered with 100% viewability guarantees. For a programmatic program, you can use a standard 300x1050 unit, and also you can use any creative (image or HTML5) of any size that makes sense to you, and expand your direct sales offering with a premium unit that does not require any custom implementation. Most importantly, you can rotate wallpapers like display ads, maximizing your incremental revenue potential.

Direct Sales   Programmatic

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#3. Rich Media (Viewability) Wallpaper

Any creative can be made to 'liqwify' into an Adaptive Ad format, using HTML5 and dHTML tools and style sheets or pre-programmed LIQWID Adaptive-Matrix templates, which can accommodate creative needs for any brand or message. Adaptive ads are essentially a webpage with all of its inherent qualities. Adaptive ads can embed a variety of media formats and interactive functionalities, including games and e-commerce, so the viewer does not have to leave the content page when interacting with the ad.

Direct Sales   Programmatic

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#4. Adaptive Video Skins

The good thing about Adaptive Video Skins is that implementation is very easy for direct sales. Instead of complex creative assets and an implementation and approval process, all you need is a video. Our Adaptive Video Skins unit is essentially a responsive video player that can be combined with any custom creative elements. This unit is not available for programmatic yet, but we are working on this.

Direct Sales   Programmatic

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