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making something from nothing ®
Viewable Inventory Unfolder
A fast and easy solution to transform your direct publishers' below the fold (or entire) inventory into viewable-only inventory.
LIQWID is a provider of premium viewability inventory. The simplicity of the LIQWID Ad Technology® implementation allows for the quick and scalable creation and management of highly-viewable inventory that is entirely incremental to the existing DFP-based advertising real estate, all based on viewable-only impression opportunities.

Any programmatic player, exchange or digital agency can enable their direct-relationship publishers for an entirely incremental revenue stream via programmatic and direct demand, without any changes to the existing websites and with no technical involvement with the publisher required.

Via a single JavaScript tag, distributed within any existing code that returns within the current requests anywhere on the webpage (only one needed per page), LIQWID VAL (Viewable Advertising Library) programmatically inserts and clones display, skins and video ads targeted into the specified parts of the content based on a specific to-each-webpage logic. These placements can be presented using hidden preview links to the publisher for approval. These "virtual ad boards" are being inserted only to the extent when the targeted node or parts of the content are positioned or scrolled into view, with the ad then revealing itself within the viewport of the viewer's browser.

This approach guarantees that only opportunities for viewable ads are being presented for bidding on the programmatic auctions. The inventory is created and structured in a managed way to satisfy any specific policy or criteria, while preventing human error or mistakes by the publisher. For example, such requirements like having only one or two ads on the screen at any time, utilizing only ad units compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads recommendations, not utilizing below-the-fold slots, and other criteria are put under your complete control. LIQWID placements can monitor and manage each other's position using a sophisticated logic created for each website by you and approved by the publishers. No more administrative measures to be enforced on the publishers are required — resulting in completely automated advertising real-estate is subject to only rules you apply form the central dashboard.

You and your publishers are essentially enabled for significant viewable inventory growth potential and can easily transition to viewable only ads while having a managed number of ads at any time on the viewer's screen — free of human error, fraud and abuse.

Compliance with the EU cookie law is integrated within the LIQWID all-in-one tag solution, enabling publishers for EEA inventory control (management and/or blocking) and Cookie Consent hookup with demand partners. Learn more about LIQWID Cookie Consent solution...

Fee Schedule, similar to traditional ad-serving, only based on Viewable-Ad Opportunities and related features
Viewable-Ad Opportunities per Month
CPM Rate (USD)
0 — 50 Million 0.241
50 Millions — 150 Million 0.223
150 Millions — 200 Million 0.192
200 Millions — 500 Million 0.171
500 Millions — 1 Billion 0.152
1 Billions — 3 Billion 0.134
Greater than 3 Billion 0.121